Monday, November 16, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

How are you all? hope everything is fine. i'm sorry for not updating for so long. been equipped with so many things i.e exams, life, mock trial and etc. finals are over but all i can say is i need to work harder next semester. i've been taking this semester too lightly which results to hardship during finals. i hope that everything will turn out well. do pray for me k? i'll try my very best to change things next semester.

next, mock enjoying it to bits. every part of it is amazing. despite of the long, tiring trainings, but it is all worth it. i can still remember those times where it was so tiring and all of us was exhausted already but training was still on. but there were also those times where we hangout together, celebrated haris's birthday, fun times during the earlier part of the training, those jokes we had and etc., it all makes everything worth it. its like it was those times we had and spent together makes the journey a fun and amazing one. what i'd give to have those moments back, i miss the people and those moments to every part of it.

the night itself was amazing. im so glad everyone enjoyed it. we managed to get a lot of good reviews from people. the tickets sales itself was amusing. can you imagine, it was sold out in just 3 days...yes, just 3 DAYS!!!. i suppose people were having high hopes from us and i suppose we had done our very best for it. every single management and production committee did their very best. credit to everyone who contributed to the night's success. to all mock trial actors -> amir, pie, maryam, jake, pojie, ainnur, shaz, athirah, faisya, am, popo, najwa, adzrul, hakim and fazli, thank you for an amazing night and you guys made the night a success. kudos to all of you! :) never forgotten, all credit for our acting should go to non other than our director and his assistant, haris n rahman, u guys both made our dreams a reality. thank you for believing in us and not giving up on us (esp. me...) you guys deserve all the to the scriptwriters -> nadiya (my coach, whom i owed so much!), khairun, ez and sheera (who mould me well)...all i can say, to everyone whom i've mentioned and whom i didn't, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

life so far is good. im enjoying my life now. im glad that everything is good now. although there are times where i fall, with some help, i get back up again. its true when people say that life is the best teacher for you. one thing that i've learned a lot lately is that, when something is gone, you need to let it go. especially when you know that it will never come back to you. although letting go might be the hardest thing you've done, you need to let it go. just remember that He won't test you unless He knows you can make it through. so, always have faith that when something is gone, it may be the best for you at that particular time. if you find it back, maybe it is always meant for you and if it doesn't, may be it's for the best. letting go of something or even someone at times, may feels like taking away your own self away from you. it will be hard, devastating, heart-wrenching, and most importantly, it will hurt so much but just believe that everything happens for a reason and nothing lasts forever. we can hope and pray that it will stay with us as long as we wish, but sometimes losing it is part of life.

another thing about losing is that you will appreciate things better. as for example, when you lose someone you love, you will appreciate other people who loves you better. losing actually makes you realize how you tend to forget some other thing which actually matters to you. when you begin to realize that fact, you will understand that you did not really lose everything. you gain some other thing as well. when you lose someone you cared, you gain some other people whom cared for you as much as you do for that person. same goes to material stuff as well, when you lose an item, you'll realize that you have some other things as well. thus, always believe that letting go of something doesn't mean that you're letting go of everything. its just a small part of everything, which is something. it also indirectly means that we need to appreciate things when they're still there. cause when they're gone, what's left to feel was regret. and of all feelings in this world, regret is the worst feeling that you could've felt.

lastly, just to make it short. remember bout the person whom i said about having second chance with. im so glad that things have improved a lot between us. we've finally become friends back again. although it wasn't as how we initially are, i hope it will turn out better soon. but i suppose, after everything we've been through, we need to take slow steps to make things better. for the sake of our friendship, i will not give up. we've been friends for too long and every part of it is worth fighting for. to that person, thank you very much. thank you for giving me a chance. for my other friends, i love you guys so much. u guys means a lot to me.
thank you for being with me through high and low. thank you for cheering up my life and thank you for making my life a lot better...

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