Thursday, December 31, 2009

new year

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

this would certainly be my last post for this year since it is just around 34 minutes left to 2010. so, all i can say is i hope 2010 will bring us a better year which will make us become a better person. insya Allah. as for 2009, it had been an amazing year for me. it was those ups and downs which made this year a fantastic one. thank you God for guiding me throughout the way in my, for 2009, it is nice to have you around and those moments i had with you will always be in my mind. 2010, im looking forward for those moments that you have for everyone, all the best in facing 2010. may success and happiness will always be with us...insya Allah... :)

happy new year, people... :)

p/s: for "you", happy new year. all the best in everything you do. i will pray may everything be easy for you. and though you might not know but i am very proud of you... :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

meet me halfway

Meet Me Halfway - Black Eyed Peas

I can't go any further then this
I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish

I spent my time just thinking, thinking, thinking 'bout you
Every single day, yes, I'm really missing, missing you
And all those things we used to, used to, used to, used to do
Hey girl, wassup, it used to, it used to be just me and you
I spent my time just thinking, thinking, thinking 'bout you
Every single day, yes, I'm really missing, missing you
And all those things we used to, used to, used to... (Used to do)
Hey girl wassup,
Yo, wassup, wassup, wassup

Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline
That's where I'm gonna wait...for you
I'll be looking out, night and day
Took my heart to the limit
And this is where I'll stay
I can't go any further than this
I want you so bad, it's my only wish

Girl, I travel round the world and even sail the Seven Seas
Across the universe, I go to other galaxies
Just tell me where to go, just tell me where you wanna meet
I navigate myself-myself to take me where you be
'Cause girl I want, I-I-I want you right now
I travel uptown-town, I travel downtown
Wanna have you around-round, like every single day
I love you always-ways, I'll meet you halfway

Can you meet me halfway, right at the borderline
That's where I'm gonna wait...for you
I'll be looking out, night and day
Took my heart to the limit
And this is where I'll stay
I can't go any further than this
I want you so bad, it's my only wish
I can't go any further than this
I want you so bad, it's my only wish

Let's walk the bridge to the other side
Just you and I (Just you and I)
I will fly, fly the skies, for you and I (For you and I)
I will try, until I die, for you and I
For you and I (For you and I)
For-for-for you and I (For you and I)
For-for-for-for you and I (For you and I)
For-for-for you and I (For you and I)
(For you and I)

Can you meet me halfway
Can you meet me halfway
Can you meet me halfway
Can you meet me halfway

Meet me halfway, right at the borderline
That's where I'm gonna wait...for you
I'll be looking out, night and day
Took my heart to the limit
And this is where I'll stay
I can't go any further than this
I want you so bad, it's my only wish
I can't go any further then this
I want you so bad, it's my only wish

P/S: this song is for you...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

just a short one...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

im trying to make this one very short k? hope i didnt take much of your time. enjoy it...:)

have you ever felt so angry till you cried?
have you ever felt so disappointed in someone that you didnt know what else to do?
have you ever felt like running away but nowhere to go?
have you ever realized that all the love you have was nothing but worthless and meaningless?
have you ever felt like giving up on everything you put for someone/something?
have you ever felt like throwing away all the love you have but just to realize that it still remains there?

remember that everything happens for a reason.
believe that He won't put you through something unless He knows you can make it through. remember that He will always be there. it is not the end of the world. you still have other people who loves and deeply cared for you that will help you to make it through. it is just another obstacle you'll go through in your life. that is where your friends and family will be with you throughout the way. if you felt like there is no other way, then cry. cry your heart out but after that, don't let those tears fall down again. nothing is worth those tears. no matter how hard it is for you, talk to Him. He always listens and He is the one who will comfort you.

"Verily, with every difficulty there is relief " Surah Al Sharh verse 5

"Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest " Surah Al Ra'd verse 28

" O mankind, there has come to you a protection from your Lord and a healing for what is in you hearts, and for those who believe, a guidance and a mercy" Surah Yunus verse 37

May His blessings will always be with us. all the best! till then, toodles... :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

How are you all? hope everything is fine. i'm sorry for not updating for so long. been equipped with so many things i.e exams, life, mock trial and etc. finals are over but all i can say is i need to work harder next semester. i've been taking this semester too lightly which results to hardship during finals. i hope that everything will turn out well. do pray for me k? i'll try my very best to change things next semester.

next, mock enjoying it to bits. every part of it is amazing. despite of the long, tiring trainings, but it is all worth it. i can still remember those times where it was so tiring and all of us was exhausted already but training was still on. but there were also those times where we hangout together, celebrated haris's birthday, fun times during the earlier part of the training, those jokes we had and etc., it all makes everything worth it. its like it was those times we had and spent together makes the journey a fun and amazing one. what i'd give to have those moments back, i miss the people and those moments to every part of it.

the night itself was amazing. im so glad everyone enjoyed it. we managed to get a lot of good reviews from people. the tickets sales itself was amusing. can you imagine, it was sold out in just 3 days...yes, just 3 DAYS!!!. i suppose people were having high hopes from us and i suppose we had done our very best for it. every single management and production committee did their very best. credit to everyone who contributed to the night's success. to all mock trial actors -> amir, pie, maryam, jake, pojie, ainnur, shaz, athirah, faisya, am, popo, najwa, adzrul, hakim and fazli, thank you for an amazing night and you guys made the night a success. kudos to all of you! :) never forgotten, all credit for our acting should go to non other than our director and his assistant, haris n rahman, u guys both made our dreams a reality. thank you for believing in us and not giving up on us (esp. me...) you guys deserve all the to the scriptwriters -> nadiya (my coach, whom i owed so much!), khairun, ez and sheera (who mould me well)...all i can say, to everyone whom i've mentioned and whom i didn't, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

life so far is good. im enjoying my life now. im glad that everything is good now. although there are times where i fall, with some help, i get back up again. its true when people say that life is the best teacher for you. one thing that i've learned a lot lately is that, when something is gone, you need to let it go. especially when you know that it will never come back to you. although letting go might be the hardest thing you've done, you need to let it go. just remember that He won't test you unless He knows you can make it through. so, always have faith that when something is gone, it may be the best for you at that particular time. if you find it back, maybe it is always meant for you and if it doesn't, may be it's for the best. letting go of something or even someone at times, may feels like taking away your own self away from you. it will be hard, devastating, heart-wrenching, and most importantly, it will hurt so much but just believe that everything happens for a reason and nothing lasts forever. we can hope and pray that it will stay with us as long as we wish, but sometimes losing it is part of life.

another thing about losing is that you will appreciate things better. as for example, when you lose someone you love, you will appreciate other people who loves you better. losing actually makes you realize how you tend to forget some other thing which actually matters to you. when you begin to realize that fact, you will understand that you did not really lose everything. you gain some other thing as well. when you lose someone you cared, you gain some other people whom cared for you as much as you do for that person. same goes to material stuff as well, when you lose an item, you'll realize that you have some other things as well. thus, always believe that letting go of something doesn't mean that you're letting go of everything. its just a small part of everything, which is something. it also indirectly means that we need to appreciate things when they're still there. cause when they're gone, what's left to feel was regret. and of all feelings in this world, regret is the worst feeling that you could've felt.

lastly, just to make it short. remember bout the person whom i said about having second chance with. im so glad that things have improved a lot between us. we've finally become friends back again. although it wasn't as how we initially are, i hope it will turn out better soon. but i suppose, after everything we've been through, we need to take slow steps to make things better. for the sake of our friendship, i will not give up. we've been friends for too long and every part of it is worth fighting for. to that person, thank you very much. thank you for giving me a chance. for my other friends, i love you guys so much. u guys means a lot to me.
thank you for being with me through high and low. thank you for cheering up my life and thank you for making my life a lot better...

i see you - mika

I See You - Mika

I'm sitting across from you
And dreaming of the things I do
I don't speak, you don't know me at all

For fear of what you might do
I say nothing but stare at you
And I'm dreaming
I'm trippin' over you

Truth be told
My problems solved
You mean the world to me but you'll never know
You could be cruel to me
While we're risking the way that I see you
That I see you (3x)
That I see

Not me at all
I'm hesitating
Only to fall
And I'm waiting, I'm hating everyone

Could it be you fell for me?
And any possible similarity
If its all, how would I know?
You never knew me at all but I see you
But I see you (4x)

I'm standing across from you (But I see you)
I've dreamt alone, now the dreams won't do (But I see you)
I'm standing across from you (But I see you)
I've dreamt alone, now the dreams won't do (But I see you)

Truth be told
My problems solved

You mean the world to me
But you'll never know
You could be cruel to me
While we're risking the way that I see you
But I see you (4x)

I'm standing across from you (But I see you)
I've dreamt alone, now the dreams won't do (But I see you)

But I see you
But I see you
But I see you

Sunday, September 6, 2009



all i can say is i'm so sorry that i haven't been updating since ages back. well, with the time restraining me from doing so + my lack of ideas and etc. it just makes my blog was left not updated. and i'm so sorry about that... :(

since i haven't been updating for so long, i suppose i owe u all some stuffs. so, let's start... :)

one thing that i've recently learned is that how it is important for you to send the "right" message. i know it might sound a bit confusing but it is like showing to the people what it is you wanted to tell them without telling them directly. sometimes, you might feel ashamed to tell people about how you feel so, send them the right message. as for example, you've been wanting something from your parents i.e. a new phone and you did not want to say it out loud as you're afraid of rejection, so, indirectly, indicate to them that u've been wanting the phone by showing the picture of the phone, telling them bout the function of the phone and etc. got my point now? so, people, start sending the right message to everyone and try not to get it wrong...all the best!!!

next, is the importance of being positive. it is very essential for us to remain positive as we could. it is due to the fact that it is your mind that controls your actions. so, if you were to be negative, thus, the end result might effect your actions. plus, try not to think the negative side of something i.e.

-ve : i will not be lazy
+ve : i will be hardworking

so, when you actually said the positive words, it will indirectly (with God's willing) become a doa. thus, it is essential to not mention any negative words that might effect the meaning. so, just say the words that you would want the outcome to be k? instead of saying "God, please don't let me be sad..." say something like "God, let me be happy...". in addition, if you were to think about something good (again, with God's willing) it will become reality. it is the power of the mind you know...well, start thinking bout only the positive things k?

next, bout being grateful for what you have. as humans, it is normal to feel that we never had enough. we wanted a lot of things in life (i do admit that :P ). love, happiness, success, wealth and all the good things. but sometimes, when we had something, we tend not to be grateful and just neglect those things that we have in life. and to one extent, we even willing to leave the things we have to achieve something that we might not even have. this does not fall under sacrifices. it more to being greedy, i suppose. we keep on wanting things more and more until we forget the things we have. even worst, we will only appreciate the things we have only when we lost it already. so, what i'm trying to say is we need to be grateful. sometimes, what we have might not be enough but maybe its the best for us at that time. plus, God have promise us that if we were to be grateful to Him, he will add the benefit he gave us. the more we are grateful, the more we have it.

being grateful does not only means being grateful to God but to others as well. to your parents (when they're still around), your friends (when they're still there for you), your loved ones (when they're still loving you) and etc. coz when you lost them, they might not be there to hear how much you appreciate their presence in your life. be grateful for everything you have and pray to God, so that you will always have those things you have and may He add more if it were to be the best for you, Insya Allah. always remember that you may not have what you have now forever. so, be grateful that you still have it now as some people would do anything to have what you have now. be grateful and appreciate what we have now as it may not last forever...

next, just a lil update about me. i'm now in my third year and the subjects are seriously wanting me to work harder and better. alhamdulillah, up till now, with the blessings of ramadhan i suppose, i'm slowly making it through. with the help from Him, my parents, friends and loved ones, it makes everything a lot easier then it truly is. although there are times where life is just so hard on me, but thinking bout how life is full with ups and downs, the pain and hardship slowly goes away. one thing that i would seriously be grateful about is having second chance with someone whom i deeply cared for. i thought i've lost that person forever but thank God, it slowly gets better and i'm really working on it so that it will be better soon. with God's willing and I'm soooo happy about that :D

well, it ramadhan now and i wish all muslims out there, happy fasting. may this holy month of ramadhan brings us closer to Him, Insya Allah. when we talk about ramadhan, usually what will appear in our mind is shawal, tarawikh and etc. :) it's normal to think about shawal and the happiness it brings but this is the time where we shall benefit this month to the maximum and shall not let any moment pass just like that. may all our wishes come true and may only everything good be with us...May Allah bless us all... :). till we meet again, you all :)

" In the end, its those small things that you remember, the little imperfection that makes it perfect for you..." ~ an ad bout family from the net~

Monday, June 8, 2009

im tagged...

I was tagged by eha. Since I just realized it, i suppose i should be doing it now.

Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am

I really want to go

My favourite place

My favourite things

P/S: it's not my phone although i wish it was mine XD

my favourite car ever...again, how i wish it was mine XD

My favourite drink

My favourite food

My favourite color

I live in

I was born in

P/s: it wasnt that hospital but its a hospital in taiping wic i couldnt remember :P

I attended

SK Taman Maluri

Madrasah Idrisiah

SMKA Kerian

My favourite story

gossip girl :) (i love blair waldorf & chuck bass character)

My favourite hobby

i love taking pictures...

i'm addicted to the net :P

I wish for

Now, since I need to tag 6 people only, I shall be tagging Izzah, Danial, Aina, Myra, Pa'an, finally Rusydi. And also to anyone who read my blog, I'm tagging you too...

Dats all for now... see you later! xoxo...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

To all my dearest readers, i shall seek your forgiveness for not updating for so long. It was my bad and since my home doesn’t have any internet connection thus makes it even harder for me to update. and with my lack of ideas, it just makes it even harder to update. forgive me for that again...

if you were wondering about my results, alhamdulillah. i managed to get a good result although it didn't reach my expectations. but i believe maybe that's the best for me with all the efforts i put on it. maybe it is also an indication that i need to work harder in the future. thank you for all the prayers. i really appreciate it...thank you so much... :)

what am i gonna talk today is a mixture of perception, siblings relationship and some other things as well. i hope i can finish it all...talking about perception, i believe we all had our own perception on people. whether its a negative or positive one, it is still a perception. it can be said as an impression that we had on people based on what we see on a person (that's my definition of perception, and if you think i was wrong, please do correct me...) and that impression may lead to how we react on that particular person as well. perception can be changed once we get to know a person better. cause as a famous saying says " you can't judge a book by it's cover". once we got to know a person better we'll realized that our perception earlier about that particular person was actually wrong and maybe was influenced by the situation at that particular moment. we also might realize that the perception that we had earlier was justified when a person explain what cause him or her to react that way which lead to "that" perception. even it was not justified but when we got to know a person better we got to see the positive side of a person. from there feelings developed and you just get yourself a new friend. what i'm trying to say is, try to have a good perception on people coz it indirectly reflects how you think whether its positive thinking or vice versa... :)

next, siblings relationship. i read this book by Sis Zabrina A. Bakar entitled Life is an Open Secret (You, Me and We). it highlighted on how important for you to be kind to your siblings. it was a great book and it really touched me to actually realize that it was so easy to gain reward by Allah s.w.t, just by being good to your family. it makes me remember all the fights i've had with my siblings, it really hurts to even think of it. i wish i could be a good sister to them and i'll try to do so. they are the best sisters i've ever dreamed of having. they're special in their own way. when i'm far apart from them, i realized that my life would meant nothing without them. those small things really make you feel empty when they're not with when i called my lil sis and she told me that she missed me so much, telling me that she wished i was at home to have dinner together, the reaction on their faces when i got back, their voices singing me happy birthday when i was in my hostel. it is human nature that we only appreciate things when they're gone but we need to change that. regret was never a good feeling. my sisters meant everything to me. they showed me what love is and taught me how to be happy. i loved them a lot! all those moments i had with them i shall treasure forever. if anyone hurt them, it means they hurt me one can get away if they hurt my lil sis...(thank God I'm at home,if not i'd be crying like heaven thinking of them) dearest angah,kak cik,aisyah and dina: along love you guys so much and i really cared about you. to all of you, appreciate your siblings and if you didn't have any, appreciate your parents and close relatives. no matter what happens, they're still your family.

lastly, just a lil note about love. remember that love doesnt mean being with the person you love. you can be far apart and yet still love the person. it doesn't mean being in love giving you the right to own the person. some people have this perception of being in love means you must be with that person. its not true. you no need to get that person. just pray that he or she is happy no matter with who he or she is. in love, what really matters is to actually see the person you love is happy even he or she is not with you. if the person you love is not with you, try to think that maybe he or she might not be as happy as they would be if they're not with you. true love means accepting things and let things happen as it was meant to be and not trying to change things as you wish. true love requires sacrifice and sacrifice can only be done by people who are strong. just remember, love should make you stronger in facing life and not making you a weaker person and bring you down. it should not be the thing that breaks you apart but it shall make you a better and stronger person in facing life...

i think that's all for now...sorry for the late update...till we meet again...toddles! Assalamualaikum...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

exam mode

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

To all my beloved readers, my blog will be dormant for quite some time as I'm now in my exam period. Well, I'm done with my BM Perundangan which I could say as "agak sukar" ;P. I can just hope for the best I guess...

My finals will be over on the 17th April and the results will be announced on 28th April, so wish me luck and success...

P/S : i can't wait to get over with finals coz after that I'll be free for 3 months...Yippee!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

It's 5.55 am and im hardly feeling sleepy. even better my class today begins at 8. i wonder whether will i be awake to attend the class. BTW, just now, I watched Chuck wic I got it from my roomate, Syareen (thanks a lot ya!!!). as the above title, just wanna share, when i watched chuck just now, there is this one sentence (wic was said by sarah a.k.a chuck's cover girlfriend) that sum kinda touched me. she said,

"when you meet somebody you cared about, it's just hard to walk away...".

i need to agree with that. it is usually when you cared for someone, it is very hard which is almost impossible to stop caring about that person. no matter what happen, u just cant stop yourself. there will always be a part of you that will remember that person. worrying and wishing that only the best thing for that person. you would pray that nothing bad will fall on that particular person. even if he/she did not know that you cared so much but it doesnt matter coz the important thing is you care. you feel like you're responsible for that person.

but there are times where you care for a person, you tend not to express it out loud. you pray for the person like only God knows how but when you're with that person, you act like you dont even give a d**n about whatever that involves that person. it is not wrong to act that way, but it may hurt the feeling of the people whom you cared about especially if the person is close to you. he/she might end up believing that you never cared at all. again, it is not wrong as not everyone can express what they feel towards a person. it is pretty hard for me too :P... i do wish things could change but im trying... i do try... i want to make things better for everyone i cared about i.e my family, my friends and those other people whom i cared and meant almost everything for me...(even if they didn't know that i cared)...

the reason why i believe that if you really care you should express it and say it out loud is because it would benefit both you and that person. at least that person knows that he/she can count on someone when they needed help as they know that only the people who really cared would be there for them no matter what. that's the unique thing about caring. you tend to bear everything without feeling tired or even hurt. you wouldnt feel any burden if you were to face any difficulties being with your loved ones. the feeling of knowing that someone cared for you is priceless. you just cant get it anywhere. it is there just fo you. and to have that feeling means you need to have someone who cared for you. if you would want that, you must first care about people. once you do, people will care about you...

back to the quote, it is hard to walk away from the people you care because you would want the person whom you cared about to have someone to hold on to. you know that leaving that person would leave that person vulnerable and near to being hurt. you cant walk away coz you know that leaving would do more harm than good. it would just make things worst instead of making it better. e.g, in new moon by stephanie meyer (yeah the twilight saga...), there is this part where edward left bella coz he thinks that it is the best for her, he actually end up hurting her so much. so, what im trying to say is that when you leave the person whom you cared about, you'll hurt that person with or without you noticizing it. and at the same time, you'll actually hurt yourself a million times more.

in conclusion, when you cared about someone, show that you care. try to express what you feel coz you'll never know what will happen next or in the future. things might change, where you might lost the person you cared, you'll realize that if you were to let that person know that you really cared, things might not end up like that. it might turn out better. rather than losing the person, you might get to know that person better and you'll might got to feel the feeling of being cared about. so, if you have someone whom you really cared about but you didnt let that person know about it, tell them. tell them you cared about them. tell them that they mean a lot to you...let them know that they mean everything to wont hurt to care right??? tell your parents, your friends, your loved ones that you care. let them know what you feel...

i read this quotation from a book, it doesn't really relate but it does sum kinda have a connection, it is from a person who's being left by the person she cared about...

"you said that you care, then why did you leave?..."

trust me, it would not be something that you would want to hear from someone or experience it yourself...

till then, toddles...

my first post....

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,
To all readers...

This would be my first post...i know its kinda very late but i think it is still not that late to wish you all Happy New Year...i hope you enjoy my writings but if you don't do let me know if there's anything i could improve so that i'll be better in the future. Insya Allah...