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all i can say is i'm so sorry that i haven't been updating since ages back. well, with the time restraining me from doing so + my lack of ideas and etc. it just makes my blog was left not updated. and i'm so sorry about that... :(

since i haven't been updating for so long, i suppose i owe u all some stuffs. so, let's start... :)

one thing that i've recently learned is that how it is important for you to send the "right" message. i know it might sound a bit confusing but it is like showing to the people what it is you wanted to tell them without telling them directly. sometimes, you might feel ashamed to tell people about how you feel so, send them the right message. as for example, you've been wanting something from your parents i.e. a new phone and you did not want to say it out loud as you're afraid of rejection, so, indirectly, indicate to them that u've been wanting the phone by showing the picture of the phone, telling them bout the function of the phone and etc. got my point now? so, people, start sending the right message to everyone and try not to get it wrong...all the best!!!

next, is the importance of being positive. it is very essential for us to remain positive as we could. it is due to the fact that it is your mind that controls your actions. so, if you were to be negative, thus, the end result might effect your actions. plus, try not to think the negative side of something i.e.

-ve : i will not be lazy
+ve : i will be hardworking

so, when you actually said the positive words, it will indirectly (with God's willing) become a doa. thus, it is essential to not mention any negative words that might effect the meaning. so, just say the words that you would want the outcome to be k? instead of saying "God, please don't let me be sad..." say something like "God, let me be happy...". in addition, if you were to think about something good (again, with God's willing) it will become reality. it is the power of the mind you know...well, start thinking bout only the positive things k?

next, bout being grateful for what you have. as humans, it is normal to feel that we never had enough. we wanted a lot of things in life (i do admit that :P ). love, happiness, success, wealth and all the good things. but sometimes, when we had something, we tend not to be grateful and just neglect those things that we have in life. and to one extent, we even willing to leave the things we have to achieve something that we might not even have. this does not fall under sacrifices. it more to being greedy, i suppose. we keep on wanting things more and more until we forget the things we have. even worst, we will only appreciate the things we have only when we lost it already. so, what i'm trying to say is we need to be grateful. sometimes, what we have might not be enough but maybe its the best for us at that time. plus, God have promise us that if we were to be grateful to Him, he will add the benefit he gave us. the more we are grateful, the more we have it.

being grateful does not only means being grateful to God but to others as well. to your parents (when they're still around), your friends (when they're still there for you), your loved ones (when they're still loving you) and etc. coz when you lost them, they might not be there to hear how much you appreciate their presence in your life. be grateful for everything you have and pray to God, so that you will always have those things you have and may He add more if it were to be the best for you, Insya Allah. always remember that you may not have what you have now forever. so, be grateful that you still have it now as some people would do anything to have what you have now. be grateful and appreciate what we have now as it may not last forever...

next, just a lil update about me. i'm now in my third year and the subjects are seriously wanting me to work harder and better. alhamdulillah, up till now, with the blessings of ramadhan i suppose, i'm slowly making it through. with the help from Him, my parents, friends and loved ones, it makes everything a lot easier then it truly is. although there are times where life is just so hard on me, but thinking bout how life is full with ups and downs, the pain and hardship slowly goes away. one thing that i would seriously be grateful about is having second chance with someone whom i deeply cared for. i thought i've lost that person forever but thank God, it slowly gets better and i'm really working on it so that it will be better soon. with God's willing and I'm soooo happy about that :D

well, it ramadhan now and i wish all muslims out there, happy fasting. may this holy month of ramadhan brings us closer to Him, Insya Allah. when we talk about ramadhan, usually what will appear in our mind is shawal, tarawikh and etc. :) it's normal to think about shawal and the happiness it brings but this is the time where we shall benefit this month to the maximum and shall not let any moment pass just like that. may all our wishes come true and may only everything good be with us...May Allah bless us all... :). till we meet again, you all :)

" In the end, its those small things that you remember, the little imperfection that makes it perfect for you..." ~ an ad bout family from the net~

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