Thursday, May 21, 2009


Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

To all my dearest readers, i shall seek your forgiveness for not updating for so long. It was my bad and since my home doesn’t have any internet connection thus makes it even harder for me to update. and with my lack of ideas, it just makes it even harder to update. forgive me for that again...

if you were wondering about my results, alhamdulillah. i managed to get a good result although it didn't reach my expectations. but i believe maybe that's the best for me with all the efforts i put on it. maybe it is also an indication that i need to work harder in the future. thank you for all the prayers. i really appreciate it...thank you so much... :)

what am i gonna talk today is a mixture of perception, siblings relationship and some other things as well. i hope i can finish it all...talking about perception, i believe we all had our own perception on people. whether its a negative or positive one, it is still a perception. it can be said as an impression that we had on people based on what we see on a person (that's my definition of perception, and if you think i was wrong, please do correct me...) and that impression may lead to how we react on that particular person as well. perception can be changed once we get to know a person better. cause as a famous saying says " you can't judge a book by it's cover". once we got to know a person better we'll realized that our perception earlier about that particular person was actually wrong and maybe was influenced by the situation at that particular moment. we also might realize that the perception that we had earlier was justified when a person explain what cause him or her to react that way which lead to "that" perception. even it was not justified but when we got to know a person better we got to see the positive side of a person. from there feelings developed and you just get yourself a new friend. what i'm trying to say is, try to have a good perception on people coz it indirectly reflects how you think whether its positive thinking or vice versa... :)

next, siblings relationship. i read this book by Sis Zabrina A. Bakar entitled Life is an Open Secret (You, Me and We). it highlighted on how important for you to be kind to your siblings. it was a great book and it really touched me to actually realize that it was so easy to gain reward by Allah s.w.t, just by being good to your family. it makes me remember all the fights i've had with my siblings, it really hurts to even think of it. i wish i could be a good sister to them and i'll try to do so. they are the best sisters i've ever dreamed of having. they're special in their own way. when i'm far apart from them, i realized that my life would meant nothing without them. those small things really make you feel empty when they're not with when i called my lil sis and she told me that she missed me so much, telling me that she wished i was at home to have dinner together, the reaction on their faces when i got back, their voices singing me happy birthday when i was in my hostel. it is human nature that we only appreciate things when they're gone but we need to change that. regret was never a good feeling. my sisters meant everything to me. they showed me what love is and taught me how to be happy. i loved them a lot! all those moments i had with them i shall treasure forever. if anyone hurt them, it means they hurt me one can get away if they hurt my lil sis...(thank God I'm at home,if not i'd be crying like heaven thinking of them) dearest angah,kak cik,aisyah and dina: along love you guys so much and i really cared about you. to all of you, appreciate your siblings and if you didn't have any, appreciate your parents and close relatives. no matter what happens, they're still your family.

lastly, just a lil note about love. remember that love doesnt mean being with the person you love. you can be far apart and yet still love the person. it doesn't mean being in love giving you the right to own the person. some people have this perception of being in love means you must be with that person. its not true. you no need to get that person. just pray that he or she is happy no matter with who he or she is. in love, what really matters is to actually see the person you love is happy even he or she is not with you. if the person you love is not with you, try to think that maybe he or she might not be as happy as they would be if they're not with you. true love means accepting things and let things happen as it was meant to be and not trying to change things as you wish. true love requires sacrifice and sacrifice can only be done by people who are strong. just remember, love should make you stronger in facing life and not making you a weaker person and bring you down. it should not be the thing that breaks you apart but it shall make you a better and stronger person in facing life...

i think that's all for now...sorry for the late update...till we meet again...toddles! Assalamualaikum...


  1. first of all dear, good thoughts you have :) and im deeply sorry for not realizing before that you've actually linked me. thousand apologies. am linking you now :)

    1. congratulations on your result :)

    2. siblings, they sometimes drive us crazy, but the ride of life wouldnt be worthwhile without them :)

    3. having, and loving are two different things. you can stil love a person without having him. for the strength to let go only comes from a truly loving heart :)

  2. myra:

    thank you so much for visiting my blog. im sorry that its just now that i replied to ur comment. thank you for linking me too :) thank you for such lovely comments you've given me. i really appreciate that. in addition, i should say that your writings do inspire me to write more n become a better one like you do... <3